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Could emotional reframing help stop Brexit?

The issue: Our analysis shows that Brexiteers in the UK are still framing the public debate in their favour. They are portraying their position as defending democracy, using emotionally resonant language to maximise the impact of their campaign to avoid another referendum on Britain's membership of the EU.

Why it's important: Those who want another public plebiscite in the UK need to reframe this debate, and quickly. If they don’t then any pressure on British MPs to vote for a people’s vote will lesson and this window of opportunity will close.

Evidence: Those on both the left and the right are talking about ensuring the UK leaves the EU, under the banner of defending democracy.

Alternative views: Pro EU politicians in the UK seem unwilling to challenge this narrative though. Despite the opportunities offered to them by the mass media, they have not got up and said loudly that the public have changed their mind, despite all the evidence that they have.

Conclusion: Unless this change of mind is pointed out, loud and often, it's just too easy to slam a second vote as an undemocratic travesty. But, as soon as one successfully asserts that the public have had a change of mind, denying the second vote becomes the undemocratic position. This would be a classic reframing of the debate and a necessary one.

What's next: Various Brexit negotiations are happening in London and Brussels, but at the moment no one can predict what is going to happen with any certainty. It all depends on the effectiveness of those on the various sides of the argument.

Take action: In the heat of any campaign it can be difficult to see the need for a debate to be reframed, but a combination of smart media analysis, modern opinion research and sound strategic advice can help. Stratagem Global can provide all three, so contact us if your campaign needs to change the narrative in your favour.






Is it in vain without a reframed debate?

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