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What does a political digital content strategy look like?

The issue: Most political candidates and advocates should adopt a digital content strategy.

Why it's important: If you are running for office or leading a policy advocacy campaign, you simply do not have the time to write all your own digital content or social media posts. But you do need to ensure what gets published in your name meets with your objectives and fits with your personality and tone-of-voice. This requires a considered and written strategy.

Evidence: I have been a parliamentary candidate twice. In 2010 our use of social media was growing but by my 2015 election its use grew so much that it was impossible to produce absolutely every bit of digital content myself.

Alternative views: US President Donald Trump does seem to write many if not all his own Tweets though, but he doesn't appear to follow any consistent strategy.

Conclusion: Trump's approach has some significant downsides. A sensible solution for most political candidates is to have an effective content strategy.

Insight: This post, from social media specialist Tom Moylan, shows an example of a digital content strategy that can be used for candidates for the 2019 European Parliament elections, but it could apply anywhere.

What's next: More and more candidates and advocates are adopting digital content strategies, but it's not a completely straightforward process.

Take action: Stratagem Global's teams include some of the world's leading content strategy experts, so if you'd like to talk to us about this issue, just get in touch.

Some of Trump's Tweets have got him into trouble.

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